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What is the Statement of Use Extension?

When you file for an extension of the Statement of Use, it allows you an additional six months to file for the Statement of Use for your trademark. Requesting an extension permits the applicant an additional six months to respond to the Notice of Allowance by the USPTO before the trademark is considered abandoned.

Up to five extensions may be filed by a single applicant. From the date you receive your Notice of Allowance, you have six months to file the Statement of Use and an additional 30 months from the five extensions. To sum it up, your brand is protected for up to three years from the date you receive the Notice of Allowance from the USPTO. This gives you plenty of time to develop and market your brand.

What is the Deadline to Request an Extension or file a Statement of Use?

Generally, a Statement of Use is due within six months from the date you receive the Notice of Allowance from the USPTO, or within six months of the previous granted extension. If an applicant fails to meet the deadline, the trademark will be considered “abandoned”. Efforts to re-register the trademark will typically require the applicant to start the filing procedure all over again including payment of new USPTO filing fees.

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Federal Trademark Registration FAQs

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A trademark can be anything (relating to products and/or services) that people associate with a business or company. This includes company names, product names, words, brands, logos, slogans, symbols, scent, designs, or a combination of these elements. Trademarks, or marks, can be used to distinguish ‘services’ along with products. These are also referred to as ‘service’ marks when used to identify the source of a service.

In essence, trademark registration helps protect your valuable assets and intellectual property, and importantly, it establishes your ownership rights. Trademark Falcon offers you a simple, fast, and economical approach for trademark registration to protect your brand and business, throughout the US United States and beyond.

Getting a trademark registered with USPTO for your brand, logo, product or company name, phrases, slogans, or symbols that people associate with your business or product, provides you nationwide protection and establishes your ownership rights on the mark across the country. Trademark registration, once accepted by USPTO, strengthens your future claims if you pursue litigation against someone for trademark infringement.

Trademark Falcon is a responsible organization that cares; cares about the customers we serve, and values their work and assets, which we protect. However, we are not a legal firm that can replace a full-service intellectual property attorney. Any messages or information, whether intended or unintended, displayed on our website, should never be taken as legal counsel.

Trademark Falcon is a great resource for companies that do not really require or cannot afford such legal representation. We can provide a helping hand to educate anyone out there who needs relevant information, or provide complete assistance on the trademark registration process.

We do not guarantee registration of your trademark by USPTO, but we will ensure that the filing process for your trademark or copyright application is completed properly and professionally. Moreover, Trademark Falcon cannot provide any guarantees whether your mark will be infringed upon or used by any other entity. Once accepted by USPTO, trademark registration protects you from future infringements and strengthens your legal claims if you pursue litigation against someone for trademark infringement.

- Trademarks - Company names, product names, words, brands, logos, slogans, symbols, scent, designs, or a combination of these elements.

- Service Marks -Used to distinguish ‘services’ rather than sale of goods. These marks used to identify the source of a service.

Trademark protects slogans, phrases, logos, symbols, designs, and any product or service that people associate with a business or company. Trademark registration can secure your product name, brand name, and company name.


Copyright is used to protect original works and establish ownership of their producers so that their work is not used by any other party without authorization from the copyright owner. It prevents unauthorized distribution of these works (including copying and piracy) and any use of these original work for monetary gains.

Trademark Falcon can file your registration for copyright for all kinds of intellectual property:

  • Works of Art
  • Audio Recordings
  • Literary Works
  • Musical Composition or Lyrics
  • Photos
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • Maps
  • Software and Programs
  • Animations
  • Motion Pictures
  • Technical Drawings
  • TV Shows
  • Visual Arts
  • Scripts/Screenplays

Copyright registration establishes exclusive rights and ownership of creators, authors and producers for their original works. It protects their work or intellectual property from unauthorized use by other parties and prevents copying, piracy, distribution of these works.

If you have used your ideas, creativity, and skills to produce any original work, you would not want others to wrongly use your intellectual without your authorization, and forego all the financial rewards from that work. Copyright registration basically protects owners of these works in this way.

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