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Trademark Falcon was started by experienced attorneys and high-tech experts to bring trademark & patent services to individuals and business owners.

About Trademark Falcon

Trademark Falcon is an efficient and organized online platform for affordable trademark filing services for professional entities (start-ups and medium-sized enterprises) as well as individuals, who are not acquainted with the unvarying, time consuming and often times burdensome process for filing trademark (or copyright) registration applications. We want to help protect your valuable assets: brand, business name, product or any intellectual property, and guard your ownership rights. This registration strengthens your legal rights for future litigation against possible copyright or trademark infringement.

We have worked hard to made the registration process for trademark or copyright very simple and effortless for our clientele, with an online questionnaire (completed in a few minutes) to initiate your application. Depending on the service you opt, our team extensively reviews all your information provided, and conducts comprehensive clearance search for conflicting trademarks. After detailed analysis we compile your registration application, and send it over to you for review and approval. Subsequently, on your behalf, we file your registration application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) or U.S Copyright Office.

  • Answer a few questions online
  • Application drafting by diligent professionals
  • Trademark application filing with USPTO

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